Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Modesty Crowns the Spirit

A moment ago I saw Walter Mondale and his wife trailing behind Al and Tipper Gore at the Inauguration ceremony. I am guessing this is why he hasn't shown up to bless our shanty yet.

Busy standing in pea coats behind four inches of bulletproof glass.

Our current mission has been marred by high winds, the indignant Mr. Heater, doors slightly less preferable than a screen door (to the man who tried to sell us one, get bent), and the less-than-resilient nature of hot glue.

The spirit remains strong, and our mission is well underway.

The following people are the true friends of submariners, freedom, and shanty sciences:
Rachel Michienzi - For helping when we resisted it, for enduring the cold when it is, in fact, your most hated thing.
Shawn Michienzi - For loaning tools, wisdom, and not outright telling us we had no idea what we were doing.
Erik Johnsen - For bringing tech theater know-how into one of the few places it may apply.
Trevor Murphy - For also utilizing his tech theater skills outside of advancing the causes of total dorks.
Chris Knoepfler - For coming time and time again, knowing how to use a protractor.
Benjamin Geary - For endless encouragement, help, kind words, and a van.
Kathy Geary - Without her encouragement by proxy and parcels of food, I would likely be dead.
Sarah Huff - For pulling through at the last moment with popcorn and know-how. (also rum)
Kate Chanba - For coming to help when so many flaked out, and providing tea and tarts and a place to charge batteries.
Madeline Helling + Friends - For coming out of nowhere to help, and filling our gaps on the ramp.
Laird Plastics - For providing coroplast at a reasonable price and to two dirty kids on the coldest day of the year.
Danny Siegelman - For help and enthusiasm throughout.
The Stenciling Crew - For adding the stern and wise visage of Mr. Mondale onto our conn tower with stunning artistic skill.
The folks at the prop company who I cannot quite remember the names of - For providing their construction know-how and having an amazing dumpster.
David Pitman - For help and encouragement time and time again when we look the most like chumps.

As we have been a needy shanty, I would like to extend my most powerful and genuine gratitude to the other members of the Medicine Lake Art Shanty Projects. We have been borrowing, and you have been tolerant and gracious. Especially the Artists With No Discipline at the Ship in a Bottle shanty, which is extraordinarily amazing.

The USS Walter Mondale will continue to develop and improve over the coming weeks. Come out and join us.

Also, it is not a boot. It could be "ein Boot", but not the one for feet.

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